Customized Fat Loss Review

Customized Fat Loss Review

Have you been worried about the bulging sides on your belly? Did you think about a way to get rid of them? Well, I did and I admit that I failed, till the time I found customized fat loss program. I am a dancer and have been dancing for years. It is only recently that I moved more toward training people. But the moment I reduced my own training schedule and started to train others most of the time, I found something is changing. In just about three months, I attained fat! As unbelievable as it might be, I had to see it and feel it to finally accept the fact.

Is Customized Fat Loss a Scam
I am aware of the fact that there is a certain capacity of the body to burn the calories and had assumed on my own that since the physical workout sessions are less intense for me now, probably reducing food intake was the key to the solution. Was I wrong or was I wrong? When I tried reducing the food intake, it only gave me fatigue. In a couple of weeks, I was almost down and out of the game. I had to stop manipulating my meals. It is then that a nutritionist friend of mine suggested that I need a combination of diet and exercise according to my specific requirement and referred me to the customized weight loss program.

To begin with, I was not very hopeful as I could not distinguish it from any other fat loss program. But the moment I started interacting with Leon’s system and started giving out details about myself, my view point immediately changed. It looked like the program was indeed thoroughly researched to be conceived. They did not just ask for my weight and height but also asked for typical body type and age factor. The result that came out was amazing. The food habit that I always carried on with was apt as my hours of hardcore training kept things in balance. But under the current regimen of physical workout sessions through dancing, it was seriously leaning towards the wrong side of the scale! No wonder that I was gaining those extra inches. It is a miracle that I had gained only a few and not more!

rapid weight loss programOnce I started following the routine of diet and specific workout/ training hours, the results started showing up within a week. I did not expect such a quick recovery to get my perfectly toned tummy back! But the ultimate test of the program came in later on. Even though I had become more of a trainer, for one of the upcoming shows I needed to play the lead dancer’s role since the new lead dancer was injured. So my entire schedule had to be changed. I went ahead and put in the new details about my regimen, and guess what- found a completely new diet chart!

It seems like for every factor involved in the shape and make of body, there is a proper set of consideration that goes in to play a role. It adjusted perfectly to my changed schedule and gave me the required changes in my diet too. The result is there for all to see. I have the the perfect tummy I need and I love it. 

It is indeed a well customized fat loss program. My friend and colleague for years, Rita, tried to follow my regimen. I had warned her that there are two things that definitely do not match:

  1. The body types seem different to me. Even though we carried round about the same weight, the body types we have differ.
  2. The training schedule for the two of us may seem alike to an outsider but we both knew that internally there is coherent difference.

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And she did not exactly get the similar results as I did. I had warned her before but she refused to listen. After the differences caused the different results, she was a little dismissive of the program. That is when I explained to her these two factors. So she joined the program too. That was two months back. Now she promotes the idea of the customized fat loss program to others! All one has to do is to understand the fact that every person is indeed different. Everyone has a different body type which is also indicative of the natural genetic tendencies. And the current weight and height along with a consideration of the age factor help determine the metabolism rate and type keeping the body type in mind. Considering all these factors together, the customized fat loss program works out the best combination of diet along with existing/ preferred workout regimen for everyone’s body. Any one factor being misplaced or neglected while considering would not provide with the required results. So the key is to be honest and punch in the required details with absolute honesty. And once you do that, you are bound to receive the perfect combination meant for you only.

Does Customized Fat Loss Work

The next step is definitely not easy; you have to follow the chart. As simple as it may sound, it is really difficult to execute the same. The suggested diet takes a little time to settle in psychologically and the mind often dwells in temptation for the forbidden fruit which would be all the food options outside the chart. But if you really want the right results, you need to be able o follow it. And meanwhile, do not try and change your workout schedules, whatever the reason might be. If you alter it, that too frequently, your body will adjust to it and the ability to burn out calories would vary. The previously recommended diet regimen would no longer suffice for the needs and you would eventually deviate from target shape. In case you have to alter the regimen, do what I did; punch in the new details to get a new chart with a new combination of food versus workout schedule. If you can follow these simple steps well, you are definitely in for an astonishing result!

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